Marrick’s Motion for Reconsideration is Denied

April 2017 Prince v. Justus, Civil Action 16CV31544, El Paso District Court. Defendant subpoenaed Marrick Medical Finance, LLC’s complete file, including the amounts it paid to medical providers for services provided to Mr. Prince. Marrick provided some documents, withheld other documents and specifically refused to provide information about the amounts it paid to medical providers. As a result, defendant sought the complete medical file through a motion to compel. Marrick filed a brief objecting to the motion to compel and the plaintiff joined in Marrick’s filing. However, the Court agreed with Mr. Waters and granted the motion to compel. Marrick thereafter filed a motion for reconsideration. In response, the court affirmed its prior order and issued a comprehensive 27 page order explaining why Marrick’s documents are discoverable.